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About Cuora

Who We Are

  • Cuora Consulting is a non-profit, student-run management consultancy, supported by Bocconi University, that provides pro-bono consulting services to non-profit organizations, NGOs, social enterprises and potentially businesses that endorse specific values.

  • Cuora Consulting is an official Bocconi University student association.

  • Our project teams of 3 to 5 consultants work together with our clients on projects for around 4 months.

  • Our approach is to identify our client’s problem. After fully understanding the client’s needs, we provide our academic and practical expertise to help them maximize their social impact.

  • Our clients benefit from clearly structured project work with an academic background, while our student consultants gain valuable practical work experience and apply their theoretical knowledge in the “real world”.

Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to empower our clients to realize and maximize their sustainable social impact on our society and to attract, improve and inspire the most promising talents creating a network of future responsible leaders.


  • A lasting positive impact in society.

    1. We envision to create a network of high-quality student consultancies that maximize the social impact of countless non-profits.

    2. We aspire to become the point of reference for pro-bono consulting.


  • Honesty and Integrity: Cuorans treat everyone with the highest consideration and build lasting and trustful relationships with all clients, partners and stakeholders.

  • Social Impact: Cuorans strongly believe in sustainably making the world a better place together with our clients.

  • Tolerance and Respect: Cuorans value the capabilities and views of any counter-party regardless of their position and encourage constructive criticism. 

  • Personal Growth and Collaboration: Cuorans measure themselves based on results, not tenure or status, and improve each other through coaching and active knowledge exchange.

  • Optimistic Perseverance: Cuorans always face projects and challenges with a can-do attitude and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.

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