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Our Services

Our Approach

In providing our services, it is important for Cuora Consulting to become the non-profits and absorb their philosophies, while maintaining the objectivity that helps make a greater impact, together. 


We will guide in defining the problem, singularly negotiate the scope and objectives of the project and will work together to design lasting results. 

What Cuora Consulting offers

Performance Analysis

You have no overview over your organization’s performance? Your financial situation is worrisome? You wish to gain better insights what drives your organization’s success?

We perform in-depth analysis of your data and develop with you a comprehensive set of key performance indicators.

Social Media Strategy

Your social media channels have few followers and low engagement? You are undecided which channels to use? You miss a strategy how to reach your everyone interested in hearing from and about you?
We create a consistent strategy for your social media presence and communication.

Stakeholder Analysis

You wish to enhance your understanding of key stakeholders that impact your organization?

We map all relevant stakeholders for you and develop a strategy how to best prioritize and approach each of them.

Funding Research

Your organization aims to for public or private funding, but you are not sure, where to find the right fund for you?
We develop structured research reports with many funding opportunities, may it be Venture Capital or governmental initiatives. 


You aim to grow your organization? You need to validate your business plan?

We help you develop a realistic, clear, and measurable plan to make your ambitions reality.

Market Research

You want to enter a new market or to scale your business? You need to understand better your clients, potential customers, competitors, the market landscape or future trends? We conduct detailed analysis and provide you with structured insights and identify success factors.

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Our Industries and Clients

We do not limit ourselves to certain industries or sectors, but evaluate each relationship based on the values your organization endorses and the impact we can deliver to you.

Our expertise spans non-profit organizations, NGOs to social enterprises.


We embark only in project in which we believe we can have a significant impact; we guarantee to our clients ad hoc solutions for each project. We will singularly negotiate the scope and objectives of the project and will work together to design lasting results.  

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We are here to assist. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.

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